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The information below provides you with access to frequently asked questions and e-mail addresses where you can get help from the staff.

NOTE: Do not post personal information or urls that contain any identifying information about yourself or another member on our PPV textt chat. If you have problems registering for Pay Per View events or using, send an e-mail to the following e-mail below and provide us with the Following Information to best troubleshoot any possible issues.

  1. Full Name
  2. Registered Login Name for
  3. Contact Phone Number
  4. Summary of your problem
E-mail Asphaltvision Support (PC/Mac) Viewing Requirements

There are a few requirements to enable you to watch LIVE video during our PPV webcasts on

1- We recommend High Speed Cable,DSL or 4G LTE with a minimum download speed of 800KB/sec or higher to view High Quality Streaming video. Check your download speed here: (Choose a Location closest to you)

     -New for 2016, Asphaltvision is now fully HTML 5 compatible for Android, iOS, and Mobile/Tablet devices

2- Sign up for a FREE Registered account at by clicking the Register link on the site.

3- Once logged in, click the Pay Per View Subscriptions link to submit your secure payment using Paypal which accepts direct bank transfers, and all major credit cards. If you do not have a Paypal account yet, simply click here:

4- Once your Paypal account is setup simply follow the on-screen instructions to purchase the Asphaltvision PPV subscription. After a few minutes, you will see that your account status has changed when you are redirected to the website. You will now be able to view additional menu options which include the LIVE Video page for the event purchased.

5- In the event, your account is not showing your recent subscription purchase, Logout of your browser and log back in with your Asphaltvision username and password.

6- Some browsers and browser versions may work consistently better than others. Feel Free to try Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer for best results.

Mobile/iOS Tablet (BETA) Streaming Tips

  1. iPad/iPhone users should use the Safari browser for best results for Logging in.
    1. When you click on the LIVE Video stream, you may need to wait 10-15 seconds before streaming starts.
    2. If streaming video does Not start playing automatically, hit the Play button (triangle) in the bottom left of the HTML 5 player
  2. Users can click on the 4 Arrow icon in the bottom right of the HTML 5 player to go Full Screen
  3. If you lose connection with the stream, Refresh your Browser Tab/web page, and push Play